quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010


So much happened, and i'm not updating it at all...
Dammit, i'm BAD at this.

I hope i'll update it some day (when i do, this post will be deleted).

domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010


Is not THAT regular if you ask ME.

When I knew I was going to stage in a regular school, I honestly got a little desappointed...
After all, that's what we've been doing for the last three and a half years.

But then, I arrived there.

It was a very pleasant feeling, getting inside because the first sight I had was of a beautifully organized little school. It was like they knew me already, everyone greeted with a friendly smile. It was so warm inside, and I am not only talking about the temperature, if you know what I mean...
Everyone shows respect, everyone looks joyfull and happy to be at school.
Everyone knows each other.

There are nine classrooms:
4-6yr: 2
6-7yr: 2
7-8yr: 1
8-9yr: 1
9-10yr: 1
10-11yr: 1
The teachers change classes according to what they decide in group each week, and this way, children don't have allways the same teacher.

Children, in every age, respect the teacher's orders. When he/she asks for silence, it's amazing how sometimes you can't even hear a fly.

When the children are too noisy or aren't able to pay attention to a task, the teacher takes a break with the class. They do little "trust-games", which everyone enjoys and which helps the children to gain trust and self-expression. After that, the class had fun already, so they are able to work seriousely, now.

Children work a lot in individual tasks. They work, then they pick the "solution's book" and correct themselves. Then the teacher does the correction for everyone, so each child can find out why they were wrong or right, where they are still failing, etc... (and they do NOT cheat! You know why? because everyone accepts it)
No one makes fun of the other because he/she failed: everyone has their weaknesses and dots, and teachers help each one to find out in what area the child is really good at and what area they need to improve and how.
The child accepts his/her problems and every "dead time" turns out to be a perfect time to work on it, with a lot on material's choices.

Meanwhile, when children finish all their works sooner, they can play in the classroom, with the games they choose. There are educative games, logical... even legos. You can see plasticine, drawing, *sigh!! So many different choices...

The teachers make four different tests for the different levels, according to the most failures.
There aren't homeworks, but sometimes, children have to do presentations (PPT, yes.) and show to the class. Then the class help them to improve.

There are lots of mini-tests, that lasts 20 minutes, and not a big one for the whole day once in a while.

Every wall in the school have children's works. They value that a lot!
Every friday afternoon, all the school stops working and have fun. Most of the time, parents organize something (a play, or something like that)... This week we had a DISCO!! It was so funny! xD

School values a lot the self-expression idea. During the day, there are many breaks when the children can say anything they'd like to (always one at the time and with their hand up), expecially for the youngest.

As they grow, they start to plan their day: the teacher gives the assignments/tasks for the day, explains everyone and then the children organize their days. The eldest do that for the week.

There's great material in the school. Many Smart-Boards, books, etc... the school offers everything to the students.

There are pre-planifications for the different years, for the different educative methods. The teacher just have to pick it and be innovative. That's why, I guess, they have more time for other importances... =)

Oh and children are so nice, they even offer themselves to wash the teacher's dishes, during the breaks. And the most incredible is that THIS IS NOT A DREAM and the photos are real!!

The boy was like "Oh nooo, I was cought!" lol =)
There are so many things I'd still love to share... but the post is big enough for now.

quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010


So my brother came this last week, he departed today. It have been a very nice time.
This weekend we went to Amsterdam and we were able to see many things and even to visit the VanGogh Museum!
Righ here, Tota, I bought your birthday gift! Hope you like it. =)

But as a great cook he is, he could not leave without preparing a very nice portuguese dish for everyone!

To tell the truth, I totally freaked out with those preparations... But in the end, it was very tasty and everyone enjoyed it!

As a deep portuguese I am, FADO could never miss! Ah those voices... those guitars... I felt like I was in Portugal again. =)
And in my shoulders, you could see a typical, now i'm sorry but the name has to come in portuguese, Xaile Minhoto! =)

domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010


FEB 14th, it's Valentine's Day and our teacher Harrie invited everyone for his concert. It was a great time we spent together!
And here's THE picture! Thanks Annelien!

It's great to have you here, Manel! =)

quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010


After our first day, in 1st FEB, we went to the Flying Horse (students' bar) to taste some typical dutch food.
Everything was great, except for the food. lol

You know Simon, I still have that free drink in my pocket. xD

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010


It's very small... 20m2. It's even smaller than it looks like. lol
It was so green, i just had to arrange something purple for the contrast. Allow me to say, in that time I felt victorious and less homesick.

It is, now, much more arranged... Time is needed to settle down when you start something.
But even so, my dear friends, you still fit in here.
(Hear it Didem? Whenever you need! =p)

segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010


I came. My first week was one of the weiredest weeks I've ever lived: Starting a new life in a totally different country where everything is different is very, and I mean VERY weired.

First I felt homesick.
"a song for
someone who needs somewhere
to long for
cause I no longer know
what home is"
(Homesick - Kings of Convenience)

Then the IM started, and I started to explore.
Life is much more expensive here, but we'll survive...

... meanwhile,
People are much more friendly.
They smile a lot, they help a lot. =)

sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010


So here we are!
This is a blog I started, which purpose is to share whatever there is to share, while I am in Zwolle.

the picture is from 1st FEB

Welcome family and friends, welcome IM and UM!
Welcome everyone!